John Weir
Owner/Recovery Specialist

John has 15 years of experience working within the health and fitness industry. The last several years focusing more on the rehab aspect and evolving to the specialty of paralysis recovery.

John’s passion for challenges started while serving with the U.S. Army working as a communication specialist, and a Nuclear Biological Chemical Warfare Specialist. Always up for a challenge, never stopped until he made it to the 101st Airborne, one of the most deployed and recognized Divisions in the U.S. Army. When asked about his time in the military John said “Nothing is as exciting as hanging from a helicopter 110ft from the ground with nothing but a rope.” During his time serving John suffered a career ending injury that led to therapies for himself. While by no means was this injury anything compared to what his clients have suffered, John has a perspective better able to relate to his clients in having life altering experiences that force you to readjust and create new goals.

After completing his recovery John focused his energy on health and fitness. John obtained his B.A. of Exercise Science from Wichita State University, and then his ACE Personal Training certification where he went on to put his education to use in helping others achieve their fitness goals. Time was spent training all age groups from young athletes to retired individuals, and volunteering coaching little league. Always wanting to learn more and grow, John turned his focus to the more health and rehab aspect of fitness, and assisted physical therapists.

Working closely in assisting physical therapists John was able to obtain invaluable hands on experience. This experience helped to hone John’s understanding of bio mechanics and how the human body responds in recovery. This knowledge led John to working exclusively with paralysis recovery.

John has answered the challenge and found passion in working as a paralysis recovery specialist. There are so many who have developed paralysis from such a wide range of reasons, and no 2 people respond the same in recovery. The human body and its ability to recover, or sustain itself after an injury or a disease, is an amazing experience to be able to assist and partake in. To be able to make a difference in helping someone else achieve their personal goals is a rewarding role to serve.

“Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing.”

— Richard James Molloy